Introduction to Omegaverse

My latest review is an omegaverse story and I thought I should add a description about it for those who are not familiar with it.  I will use this to link to every time I review an omegaverse manga.

If you are not familiar with omegaverse, it is used widely in slash fan fiction deriving from animal behaviour and it’s a society where there are 3 other genders known as alpha, beta and omega, in addition to male and female.  The majority of the population are beta, while a small upper class elite population are alpha and an even smaller population are bottom-tiered and discriminated omega.  Omegas would be able to give birth, even males (impregnated by alphas), and alphas are uncontrollably attracted to omega pheromones.  Omegas would experience heat every so often and having sex with alphas would ease the condition at the time of heat.  Otherwise they need to use suppressants to calm their heat condition.  If an alpha bites the back of the neck of an omega, they become bonded. The omega becomes submissive where the alpha owns the omega especially during heat cycles.  Depending on the writer, details of the omegaverse world their story takes place in has been arranged to their liking.  Omegaverse became popular in BL manga and novels from 2015 when the publisher Fusion Product released The Omegaverse Project manga anthologies.

It’s actually pretty crazy how popular it has become, especially with BL novels.  There was a time BL novelists were not permitted to write fantasy stories and now quite a few stories are omegaverse.  I am wondering when this fad will start dying down.  And it’s quite fascinating the variations writers (for both novels and manga) have come up with for their omegaverse world.  I can see imaginations running wild, which is a good thing.