More Snow, Another Review

Phew! It hasn’t been a week since the last update.

I shovelled snow this morning again.  This time it was heavier and it took me longer to clear the driveway.  I am so glad I am done.  I was out of breath when it was over.

I wasn’t sure which manga to choose for the next review, so I picked one up from the leaning tower of manga (one of the towers).  It’s actually a manga from 2018, which I bought in the summer of 2019.  It was the first time reading this author’s work and I have tried some of her other works, and they have been relatively good.  Her other books I have purchased have been digital purchases as I was curious to try her other works.

I should note that I do not write about art styles since everyone has their own tastes and something I like, you may not like as much.  Therefore I have started to include a sample from Honto at the end of the reviews.  I have also added links to where you can buy the manga from, from Amazon Japan, CD Japan and Honto.  You can also visit the Where to Buy Manga section to see the other stores you can possibly buy the reviewed work from.  You can buy digital copies from Honto and the manga can usually be read online, without downloading an app.  I have added the links to all the reviews I have done this year so far.  Hope you consider purchasing the manga if you feel you are curious about it.  Always support the manga-ka so they can continue to bring you more wholesome goodness.