Manga Books for Sale

The following are manga I have for sale (in no particular order). All of them are written in Japanese and released in Japan.  Prices are in $CAD. Pickup in the Toronto-area (east end).

Click here to see the manga and artbook list with prices and photos.

Used Magazines 中古漫画雑誌:

少女漫画雑誌「りぼん」がたくさんあります。全部引き取ってください。I have more than 120 issues of the shoujo manga magazine Ribon for sale from various years.  Not all years are complete.  Take them all for $60(with furoku for another $60)Pickup only!  These are great if you are learning Japanese. It includes lots of popular titles like Marmalade Boy, Hime-chan’s Ribbon, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross, Aishiteruze Baby, etc. As a bonus I will throw in 4 random Nakayoshi issues.
Photos of Ribon issues: here
Photos of some of the furoku and boxes with them: here

Issues I have:
1991 Aug – Dec
1992 Complete
1993 Jan – Aug
2002 Sept Oct Nov
2003 Feb Apr – Dec
2004 Complete
2005 Jan – Oct Dec
2006 Feb – June Aug Sept Dec
2007 Complete
2008 Complete
2009 Complete
2010 Complete
2011 Complete
2012 Jan – Apr

I will not be splitting them up.  You must take them all.