The summer is over

The summer is over

After taking a long summer break I am now back to writing reviews.  It was a busy summer especially with the vegetable garden and morning glories but I have survived.  The vegetable garden was chaos because squirrels and raccoons decided to feast on it like every day.  Every time I … Continue reading

BL Award 2021 Ranking Results

As you may know the BL review site Chill Chill holds the BL Awards each year.  This year was the 12th edition of it.  You can find the results on their site here: I started voting for my favourites about four years ago and am always thrilled when they … Continue reading

Sad news

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been busy recently and have not been reading much. Also, I was feeling really down the other day.  This was because Honto sent an email telling you that they are stopping overseas shipping.  They suggest using the proxy service Buyee, but I … Continue reading

My rant for today

I just left a FB group because I was told by the admin that I was shaming members. Someone recommended a manga and put a photo of an illegal site so I added a link to where you can read it officially. I never mentioned anything about the person reading … Continue reading

Introduction to Omegaverse

My latest review is an omegaverse story and I thought I should add a description about it for those who are not familiar with it.  I will use this to link to every time I review an omegaverse manga. If you are not familiar with omegaverse, it is used widely … Continue reading

More Snow, Another Review

Phew! It hasn’t been a week since the last update. I shovelled snow this morning again.  This time it was heavier and it took me longer to clear the driveway.  I am so glad I am done.  I was out of breath when it was over. I wasn’t sure which … Continue reading

Snow Day, Review Day

I can’t believe it will be March in less than two weeks.  The days are going by so quickly and I thought 2021 just started. Well, it snowed last night and this morning, so I spent two hours shovelling snow.  By myself!  It was a good workout but by the … Continue reading