The summer is over

After taking a long summer break I am now back to writing reviews.  It was a busy summer especially with the vegetable garden and morning glories but I have survived.  The vegetable garden was chaos because squirrels and raccoons decided to feast on it like every day.  Every time I was ready to pick a ripe tomato the next day I found it to be half eaten or have a bite taken out of it.  They even sometimes drop it on the ground and make a mess.  One day I found the paper bowl (which my sister told me was good to have for the thirsty squirrels) to be all torn apart and pieces all over the places a long with pieces of vegetables and roots pulled out.  And yes I had to clean up the mess. I wish they would clean up after their own mess and even leave something nice to thank me for my gardening efforts.  Instead they take everything for free, and even make me put in extra effort to clean up after them. Not fun at all.  As for my morning glories one planter kept on getting dug up by some animal even if I added more soil and cleaned it up.  Therefore, one of the three morning glory plants in there died and one didn’t produce flowers.  The other one on my porch started blooming late, and although it is already September, it is going strong.  But once again, only one of the three types planted is blooming.

I thought I should note that the title translations in the brackets beside the Japanese title are from the book itself (as some have the titles in English on the cover or inside even if an official translation isn’t out yet). Otherwise I will provide a loose translation.  If it ever comes out in English there is a possibility that the title may be different.  I have translated the titles just for the purpose of understanding what it means and I do not take responsibility for title discrepancies.  Please keep that in mind if you ever decide to read the manga and post about it with my translations.

I’ve read quite a few good manga titles in the last three months and hope to get around to reviewing them.  For that I need to sit down with each one and read them thoroughly. Shodensha’s FromRed magazine has had titles coming out into book form as of July and there are quite a few good reads.  I hope to touch on those soon.  I’ve enjoyed every title I’ve read from that magazine.  It’s a sister magazine of OnBlue of which I have not encountered a single disappointing read.  Most of their titles can be read on Futekiya in English so I am glad they are available for English readers.  Please see “Places to Buy Manga” section for the link to Futekiya.