Yuzu-mikan’s World of Manga and Music

Chit Chat: A blog talking about various manga related topics as well as a notice of updates for this site.

Buried in Manga: This section will mostly contain manga reviews or recommendations, and a list of new titles I plan to buy. I will share my joy for manga, talk about my favourite works, and give my opinions on manga-kas, etc. Please note that recent posts are mainly BL titles.

Music to My Ears: I will also attempt to review and recommend CDs and songs.  These include doujin releases. Some recent favourite artists and groups include Chata, Annabel, Shimotsuki Haruka, Yanagi Nagi, UVERWorld, and L’arc~en~ciel.

Sales Corner: Manga and anime-related items for sale. The section contains mostly pre-owned items I have decided to part with.  I also have manga books for sale starting from $1.  If you desire, I can mail the items but you would have to pay for the shipping cost.