I am in quite some shock.  I can’t believe it’s November already and we only have one month after that till the end of the year.  Where has my year gone?

And it’s my sister’s birthday this month so I can finally give her the things that I have accumulated over the year.  All stuff with her favourite animal.  And I’ve also custom ordered a cake with that animal.  I’ve left it up to the cake designer for the look of it, but we have agreed on a matcha cake with buttercream.  Really looking forward to the cake.  Last time I had her make a Japanese strawberry shortcake for my mom’s birthday and we loved it.

There are quite a few reviews I want to get up on the site if I can find the time.  It’s fall now, so all the leaves are falling and I am madly sweeping and raking leaves everyday. After I am done, I am pretty tired so I haven’t updated as much as September.  Titles that ran or are running in the magazine FromRed (the sister magazine of OnBlue) have started being released in book format (as I mentioned before) and I have picked up a few of these titles.  Like OnBlue titles, everything I have read from FromRed have been extremely enjoyable.  I hope to get those reviews up this month. And the good news about FromRed titles is that they will be released in English digitally.  Last month the company Shu-Cream announced on Twitter (@ShuCream_BL)  that they will be releasing titles from three of their labels.  Another one of them is Moment, which I believe has titles in English on Renta.  I wonder if they will continue to release Moment titles on Renta or if they are moving them to their own digital manga site?  I guess OnBlue titles will be released on Futekiya like they are now.

It’s great that more titles are being released in English.  There’s a lot of wonderful manga out there that never make it to the English speaking audience officially so I hope more publishers start finding it worthwhile to get their titles out to a wider audience.  There definitely is a market out there.

And addition to more reviews, I need to update my bookshelf list and post more Japanese BL novel reviews.  Actually the last couple of months I have been reading more manga than novels so I did not get the motivation to post novel reviews.  There are a few good novels I have not written about from the months before. Hopefully I can work on those this month.  Lots to do, so little time…

Oh my! It’s already November!