I have been cleaning out my room and found a lot of anime and manga goods that I had collected from over the years and was not interested in any more. I want them to go to a better home rather than having them sitting in boxes. Most items are brand new and still in packaging or have tags.  Most items are from Japan, except for North American released DVDs. Artbooks have only been flipped through a couple of times. I have never mailed a poster before but imagine I would have to use a poster tube (+$4), which you will have to pay for. Everything comes from a smoke-free, pet-free home. I also have yaoi /BL manga items (for those fujoshi out there) but those are at the bottom of the list. Shipping is extra. I accept Paypal and can ship within Canada and the US. All prices are in CAD. If you would like to see my feedback on eBay, it is here.

All photos are here: https://imgur.com/a/G3vd2it
Note: extra descriptions included with photos

Anime and manga merchandise:
Monster Hunter simple and natural mini towel $10 [pic]
Monster Hunter hand towel $10 [pic]
Monster Hunter towel hanger with plush mascot $12 [pic]
Monster Hunter flower series tote bag $30 [pic1] [pic2]
Monster Hunter flower series pouch $20 [pic1] [pic2]
Monster Hunter simple and natural pouch $20 [pic1] [pic2]
Miffy mini pouch $25 [pic1] [pic2]
Rilakkuma mini bag $6 [pic]
Rilakkuma iPhone 6/6S flip cover case $35 [pic]
Rilakkuma iPhone 6/6S hard type case $25 [pic]
Rilakkuma iPhone SE/5 cases, set of 2 $30 [pic]
Rilakkuma silicon tea strainer $7 [pic]
Rilakkuma gaucho pants ladies 3L Japan size $35 [pic1] [pic2]
Rilakkuma Chairoikoguma mini plush mascot with ball chain (need to glue string to honey bag) $5 [pic]
Rilakkuma notebook, $6 [pic]
Shinzi Kato mug, $25 [pic]
Candidate for Goddess stamp set, used $10 [pic]
Ragnarok pin and card $8 [pic]
Mamotte Shugogetten pins (Shaolin and Rishu) set of 2 $20 [pic]
Sanrio x Altria Pendragon pinback button $5 [pic]
Twin Spica Pin $5 [pic]
Summon Nights fastener accessory $5 [pic]
Sailormoon mini plush keychain from the 90s. $15 [pic]
Mekakucity Actors Kagerou Project extra big can badge with booklet and DVD (R2). $25 [pic]
Clannad (Nagisa and Fuuko) multi-cloth $20 [pic]
Clannad (Key 10th) mobile cleaner $10 [pic]
Clannad (Key 10th) deskmat $25 [pic]
Little Busters (Key 10th) deskmat $25 [pic]
Little Busters pouch with phone accessory (one Rin and one Kanata). $25 for one or $45 for both. Add a Tomoyo After pouch for $15 more ($60). Otherwise it is $20. [pic1] [pic2] [pic3]
Fruits Basket good luck phone screen cleaner, Hana to Yume furoku $10 [pic]
Yuri on Ice, phone accessories, $8 each or all three for $20 [pic]
Yuri on Ice big phone accessory $10 [pic]
Vocaloid Snow Festival Kaito phone accessory $10 [pic]
Vocaloid Snow Festival Meiko phone accessory $10 [pic]
Gundam X rub on stickers $3 [pic]
Hikaru no Go postcards $5 [pic]
Madoka Magica book cover $15 [pic]
Madoka Magica book cover, Kyoko Sakura $15 [pic]
Koucha Ouji, Tea Prince set, teapot, teacozy, pins, spoons $80 [pic]
Koucha Ouji Tea Prince binder with paper $20 [pic]
Rise R to the second power, clear postcards, set of 3. $9 [pic]
Fruits Basket daily calendar 2002. Never used, you can use back of each page as notepaper. $30 [pic]
Gensomaden Saiyuki ceramic plate $35 [pic]
Gensomaden Saiyuki ceramic teacups x 2. $30 for both [pic1] [pic2]
Cowboy Bebop postcard set $12 [pic]

Paint Club tote bag $15 [pic1] [pic2]
Digimon 02 x Mazda tote bag, $25 [pic]
Saboten’s Secret by Haruta Nana Ribon furoku mini bag, $10 [pic]
Takarajima-sha Studio Clip Square Shoulder Bag Book $35 [pic]
Takarajima-sha Kippis two-way shoulder bag book $35 [pic]

Clearfiles and Shitajiki:
Gundam Reconguista in G clearfile $5 [pic]
Fullmetal Alchemist clearfile with tabs $10 [pic]
Onegai Twins clearfile $5 [pic]
Rurouni Kenshin clearfile $5 [pic]
Cafe Kichijoji de clearfile $10 [pic]
Comiket Anniversary Illustration Book clearfile $10 [pic]
ComiComi Studio Cat Rescue Fund mini clearfile by Yamayomi $5 [pic]
Hikaru no Go clearfile A, and B, set. $20 [pic] [pic]
Black Butler shitajiki $10 [pic1] [pic2]
Fullmetal Alchemist cardstock shitajiki $5 [pic1] [pic2]
Gundam 00 shitajiki, set of 2, $20 [pic1] [pic2]
Gundam 00 mini clearfile and notebook set $15 [pic]
Stratos 4 mini cardstock shitajiki $2 [pic]
Raimuiro Senkitan cardstock shitajiki $4 [pic]
Gundam X shitajiki $5 [pic]
Gundam shitajiki $8 [pic]

Anime DVDs and Blu-ray:
Cyberteam in Akihabara DVD full set. $35 [pic]
Samurai 7 Limited Edition DVD sets all 7 $250 [pic] [pic2] [pic3]

Books/Artbooks (all Japanese text):
Cafe Kichijoji de, Negishi Kyoko $25 [pic]
Quality Seasons, Yamada Nanpei, Koucha Ouji $15 [pic]
Gentlemen’s Alliance Cross Vol. 11 manga Limited edition with playing cards and box $20 [pic]
Shadow Skill manga complete set 16 volumes $180 [pic]
Saint Seiya Episode G complete set with 16 limited editions out of  20 volumes $200 [pic]
NewType magazine, 3 bankers boxes worth with 133 issues from 1998 to 2006 (not all years are complete). Empty spaces in boxes filled with other anime magazines (free), $530 [img]

Figures and Toys:
Pinky with Messerschwitt car, $50 [pic]
Pinky:St dressup dolls, some opened, set of 6 + 1 for free (because of missing ribbon),$90 [pic]
Pinky:St Tenjo Tenge doll $30 [pic]
Pinky:St doll and anime DVD (R2) sets $60 for both [pic]
World Masterpiece Theatre 2 K&M Vignette Series, Kaiyodo, Dog of Flanders, Peter Pan, set of 4 $40 [pic1] [pic2] [pic3] [pic4]
World Masterpiece Theatre 3 K&M Vignette Series, Kaiyodo, Tico of the Seven Seas, Tom Sawyer, Rascal the Raccoon, The Story of Perrine, set of 5 $50 [pic1] [pic2]
World Masterpiece Theatre sepia K&M Vignette Series, Kaiyodo, Dog of Flanders, 3000 Leagues in Search for Mother, Peter Pan, set of 6 $60 [pic1] [pic2] [pic3] [pic4] [pic5]
World Masterpiece Theatre clear K&M Vignette Series, Kaiyodo, Peter Pan, Rascal the Raccoon, set of 4, yellowed over the years $25 [pic]

Chobits plastic poster. This one can’t be rolled up. $20 [pic]
Candidate for Goddess large poster A and B. 72 cm x 51 cm. $20 each [pic1] [pic2]
Hikaru no Go large poster. 72 cm x 51 cm. $20 [pic]
Cafe Kichijoji de large poster. 72 cm x 51 cm $20 [pic]
Saiyuki large poster.72 cm x 51 cm $20 [pic]
Prince of Tennis large poster. 72 cm x 51 cm $20 [pic]
Detective Conan (Case Closed) manga illustrations calendar, used. You can take apart and cut off dates portion and use as posters. 7 pages. 52 cm x 41 cm $30 [pic]

BL Stuff:
I’ve Seen it All (Takaku Shoko) mini shikishi from Chara birthday fair 2021, $8 [pic]
Mother’s Spirit (Enzo) mini shikishi from Chara anniversary fair, set of 2 (one has crease). $12 [pic]
Utsukushii Kare (My Beautiful Man) by Nagira Yuu (story) and Kitano Megumi (manga) Chara Birthday Fair 2022 mini canvas print. $10 [pic]
Kuroi Seija wa Amaku Sasayaku (Sagami Waka) Chara Birthday Fair 2022 canvas Print. $10 [pic]
Jealousy (Scarlet Berico) pouch 7 cm x 11cm x 5cm. $15 [pic]
Rutile Magazine Anniversary cover and pinup illustration poster book 2018-19. Illustrations are by Kasukabe Akira, Hidaka Shouko (Anti Romance), Techno Samata, Takahoshi Asako, Yusen Atsuko (Dekoboko Sugar Days), Yamamoto Kotetsuko (Birds of Feather), Kisaragi Hirotaka (Hanger), Ishino Aya, Hashiba Masami, and Mita Ori (Our Dining Table). 26 x 18 cm. 12 pages $25 [pic]
Finder Series (Yamane Ayano) clearfile $15 [pic]
Twittering Birds Never Fly (Yoneda Kou) clearfile A & B $15 each or for both for $25 [pic1] [pic2]
Twittering Birds Never Fly (Yoneda Kou) mini clearfile with flyer, $10 [pic]
Fromage Anniversary clearfile by Yamano Deco, $10 [pic]
Qpa magazine ComiComi Studio mini clearfile, $10 [pic1] [pic2]
Twittering Birds Never Fly (Yoneda Kou) postcard, $5 [pic]
One Room Angel (Harada) postcard, $5 [pic]
Iki dekinai no wa kimi no sei (Breathless Momentum) Vol. 4 manga (by Sumiya Zeniko) with Animate special booklet and manga sheet. Text in Japanese. $30 [pic]
Hybrid Child OVA 1 Blu-ray, limited edition with extras (Japan release, no English subtitles but will play in North American players) $35 [pic]
Calendar cards (Apr. 1, 2023-Mar. 31, 2024). Libre Publishing titles (BL). Titles include, Hello Morning Star (Kurahashi Tomo), Finder series (Yamane Ayano), Caste Heaven (Ogawa Chise), and After School Etude (Hirune Cyan). $5 per card or one free with minimum $25 of BL merchandise. [pic]
Dangerous Teacher/Saikyou Kyoushi (Nase Yamato) pinback button free with any BL merchandise  purchase over $25. Just let me know that you want it included if you qualify. [pic]