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Sales Corner

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Hadashi no Tenshi

Title: はだしの天使 (Barefoot Angel) Author: Nonomiya Ito Release Date: June 10, 2021 Publisher: Libre (Be Boy Comics Deluxe) The cover picture of this one caught my attention and after reading the synopsis and reviews, I decided to pick it up.  This is the debut manga for this manga-ka. It is a beautiful story about a former angel who committed a sin and had his wings removed (and was expelled from heaven), and Turner a kind-hearted shoe maker. The story takes place in England and starts on a cold winter day where 25-year-old Turner finds a young man sitting on a bench in light clothing and no shoes.  After talking to him and lending his coat, Turner takes him home and gives... Continue reading

Books to Buy in 2021: September edition

This is the list of newly released manga I plan to buy in September.  Only physical books are included. September 9/01 ihr HertZ Series 灰かぶりコンプレックス 4 木下けい子 726円 Hai Kaburi Complex Vol. 4 by Kinoshita Keiko (BL manga) 9/01 秒で分かるBL はなれがたいけもの 鳥海よう子 757円 Hanaregatai Kemono story by Yasoniwa Tazu and art by Toriumi Youko (BL manga) 9/01 角川ルビー文庫 狼殿下と身代わりの黒猫恋妻 貫井ひつじ 770円 Ookami Denka to Migawarino Kuroneko Koizuma by Nukui Hitsuji (BL novel) 9/07 from RED comics 秘め婿  芹澤知 1155円 Hime Muko by Serizawa Tomo (BL manga) 9/17 &.Emo comics 大人倶楽部 吉田ゆうこ 880円 Otona Club by Yoshida Yuko (BL manga) 9/17 幻冬舎ルチル文庫 推しと同居で恋は始まりますか? 金坂理衣子 693円 Oshi to Doukyode Koi wa Hajimarimasuka? by Kanesaka Riiko (BL novel) 9/22 ダリアコミックス コヨーテ IV 座裏屋蘭丸... Continue reading

Datte Kono Hito Kawaiishi Kodomo mo Futari Dekitakara

Title: だってこの人かわいいし子供も2人できたから Author: Nekota Riko Release Date: April 27, 2021 Publisher: Take Shobo (Bamboo Comics Reijin Selection) I picked this one up out of curiousity since the cover picture is cute, especially the two cat like creatures.  It’s another soothing read, and as the title states, it’s about a very cute demon lord.  Apparently the manga-ka made this manga because she wanted to draw the kittens of the small wild cat Pallas’ Cat (also known as manul). These babies that look like Pallas’ Cat kittens are the demon king’s children. The title translate to “That’s because he’s cute and we now have two children.” The manga starts off with the demon king asking the weapons merchant to have babies with... Continue reading

Books to Buy in 2021: June edition

This is the list of newly released manga I plan to buy in June.  Only physical books are included. June 6/01 ディアプラス・コミックス 王子禁制(アイドルキンセイ) 麻生海、 月村奎 759円 Idol Kinsei by Asou Kai and Tsukimura Kei (BL manga) 6/04 Charles Comics トンでもない俺のα 2 藤咲もえ 748円 Tondemonai Ore no Alpha Vol. 2 (BL manga) 6/10 フラワーコミックス うしろに何かみえてますが 2 赤石路代 499円 Ushiro ni Nanika Mietemasuga Vol. 2 (shoujo manga) 6/10 CROSS NOVELS 転生したらベルサイユで求婚されました ~バニラケーキと溺愛の花嫁修業~ 華藤えれな 979円 Tensei Shitara Versailles de Kyuukonsaremashtia by Katoh Elena (BL novel) 6/16 竹書房 ハッピー・オブ・ジ・エンド おげれつたなか 803円 Happy of the End by Ogeretsu Tanaka (BL manga) 6/16 芳文社 の、ような 4 麻生海 682円 No, you na Vol 4 by Asou Kai (shoujo manga) 6/25 フラワーコミックス 王の獣 7 藤間麗 484円 Ou no Kemono... Continue reading

Come to Hand

Title: カム トゥ ハンド Author: Sei Release Date: October 10, 2020 Publisher: Leed-Sha (SP Comics Mimosa) I had been meaning to pick this one up for a while. I have been quite busy and have been running around so It truly is a soothing read for someone who is in a stressful situation. It’s not like it’s action packed or anything but the whole atmosphere of the story and drawings give off a very gentle feeling. I imagine that the manga-ka is also a very kind person. The story starts off with a tattoo shop manager (and designer) Arashi finding a high school music teacher Miharu (who is exhausted from work) fainted outside the store on a snowy day. When... Continue reading

More reviews hopefully coming soon

I have been so busy recently that I haven’t read much BL manga.  I’ve been reading BL novels before going to bed most of the nights so I have a few reviews up on my Japanese Tumblr page.  Even if you can’t read Japanese, go take a look at the covers.  There are quite a few artists who are not manga-ka but draw illustrations for BL novels.  Their drawings are really gorgeous.  Too bad I can’t share the illustrations on the inside pages. And if you have noticed my reviews have been mostly 2020 books, it’s because I am trying to catch up on my tsudoku piles.  I have been buying BL manga and novels this year too, and have... Continue reading

Smoky Nectar

Title: スモーキーネクター Author: Minazuki Akira Release Date: November 24, 2020 Publisher: Taiyo Tosho (H&C Comics ihr Hertz series) I usually don’t read a lot manga where vampires appear, but I liked Nakanai Hibari so I picked up this one too.  It’s by the same manga-ka.  It did not disappoint me, but I just wanted to read more, like with Nakanai Hibari.  I think she should be given the chance to create longer manga because we would get a better look at the setting and story, than just squishing everything into the usual single volume. The story follows the writer Hasegawa Mitsuru who is investigating a murder case suspected to be by the vampire-like “Biter”.  He is actually trying to prove... Continue reading

Osananajimi to Hajimeru Aijin Keiyaku

Title: 幼なじみと始める愛人契約 (Starting a Misteress Contract with a Childhood Buddy) Author: Syzygy Sani Release Date: August 19, 2020 Publisher: Bright Publishing (Tulle Comics) This is another manga that caught my eye because of the positive reviews.  It has comedic moments that makes you snicker and the main characters both have strange ways of thinking that they are a match for each other.  It’s a story of unrequited love from both sides.  In other words they both have feelings for each other but don’t realize it. Twenty-seven year old Aoi Tetsuji is the owner of an underground casino and son of a yakuza clan.  He’s liked his childhood friend Ogasawara Taichiro since they were young and still does today.  Taichiro is... Continue reading

Books to Buy in 2021: May edition

This is the list of newly released manga I plan to buy in May.  Only physical books are included. May 5/01 秒で分かるBL 死神は殺せない 三日ミタ 757円 Shinigami wa Korosenai by Mikka Mita (BL manga) 5/10 フラワーコミックス 神無月紫子の優雅な暇潰し 2 赤石路代 499円 Kannazuki Yukariko no Yuuga na Himatsubushi Vol. 2 by Akaishi Michiyo (shoujo manga) 5/14 プリンセス・コミックス やじきた学園道中記F 11 市東亮子 499円 Yajikita Gakuen Douchuuki F Vol. 11 (shoujo manga) 5/24 バーズコミックス ルチルコレクション 獣王陛下と砂かぶりの花嫁 小石川あお 770円 Juuouheika to Sunakaburi Hanayome by Koishikawa Ao (BL manga) 5月下旬 ウィングス・コミックス 魔法のつかいかた 4  草間さかえ 781円 Mahou no Tsukaikata Vol. 4 by Kusama Sakae (shoujo manga)

BL Award 2021 Ranking Results

As you may know the BL review site Chill Chill holds the BL Awards each year.  This year was the 12th edition of it.  You can find the results on their site here: I started voting for my favourites about four years ago and am always thrilled when they use my comments.  This year they used more than I expected so I am very happy.  I take time to write them and they really feel worthwhile when they use them among many others.  My username on there is yuzumikan so take a look on the site.  (My comments are all in Japanese). There seemed to be quite a few nominated titles that were out in English, but I am... Continue reading