Osananajimi to Hajimeru Aijin Keiyaku

Title: 幼なじみと始める愛人契約 (Starting a Misteress Contract with a Childhood Buddy)
Author: Syzygy Sani
Release Date: August 19, 2020
Publisher: Bright Publishing (Tulle Comics)

This is another manga that caught my eye because of the positive reviews.  It has comedic moments that makes you snicker and the main characters both have strange ways of thinking that they are a match for each other.  It’s a story of unrequited love from both sides.  In other words they both have feelings for each other but don’t realize it.

Twenty-seven year old Aoi Tetsuji is the owner of an underground casino and son of a yakuza clan.  He’s liked his childhood friend Ogasawara Taichiro since they were young and still does today.  Taichiro is from a well-off family, but his parents passed away when he and his younger sister were children so they were raised by their grandparents.  They became friends when Taichiro did a favour for Tetsuji when they were seven years old.  And so even after they grew up Tetsuji keeps telling Taichiro that he wants to repay him.  Taichiro comes up with outrageous ideas and likes to cause commotion for Tetsuji.  In fact one day he appears at the hotel room where Tetsuji is about to make out with a woman, claiming he has a proposition to make.  The woman gets kicked out and Taichiro tells Tetsuji that he wants to borrow money from him to do renovations to their family home.  Tetsuji is willing to lend him money but Taichiro tells him that being in debt for a friend is not good as it could ruin their friendship.  So he comes up with the bright idea that he would be Tetsuji’s misteress.  Little does Taichiro know that Tetsuji has liked him since they were young.  You can really tell that Tetsuji likes Taichiro as he treats him very well.

The main highlight of this manga are the reactions by the characters especially Taichiro, and Tetsuji’s interactions with his imaginary friend, Mike.  Taichiro is a bright and admirable character but is a bit off at times so he does not realize that Tetsuji is very caring to Taichiro because he likes him.  On the other hand Tetsuji doesn’t think that Taichiro likes him in the same way and sometimes his good intentions don’t come across as intended to Taichiro as he chooses the wrong words.  This manga will have you giggling throughout it as it has some crazy moments but is also full of wholesome smut scenes.  Overall it’s a light-hearted, sweet manga about two strange fellows.  And if you are big on consent, this one will not upset you.  Apparently this is the manga-ka’s first book and it’s quite an entertaining one.  I am looking forward to her future works.

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