Smoky Nectar

Title: スモーキーネクター
Author: Minazuki Akira
Release Date: November 24, 2020
Publisher: Taiyo Tosho (H&C Comics ihr Hertz series)

I usually don’t read a lot manga where vampires appear, but I liked Nakanai Hibari so I picked up this one too.  It’s by the same manga-ka.  It did not disappoint me, but I just wanted to read more, like with Nakanai Hibari.  I think she should be given the chance to create longer manga because we would get a better look at the setting and story, than just squishing everything into the usual single volume.

The story follows the writer Hasegawa Mitsuru who is investigating a murder case suspected to be by the vampire-like “Biter”.  He is actually trying to prove that his friend Annaka Yusei (nicknamed Anna) is not involved in the case.  When talking to the boy friend of the victim in a dark park at night, he gets attacked, but then is rescued by Anna, who turns out to be a Biter as well.  He then lets Anna drink his blood so he could do a story on the experience, as he first says (but doesn’t do so).  We then learn that Mitsuru is what you call “Nectar” and has special blood that Anna is attracted to and Anna has liked him since childhood.

This manga is quite an entertaining piece and is a highly recommended read for those who like wholesome manga.  The characters have a lot of depth to them although you don’t learn too much about their backgrounds. Mitsuru and Anna truly care for each other which you can see in each other’s actions, especially with Anna.  I am not usually fond of characters who smoke, but Anna is very cool smoking in his suit (with tie) and then exhaling the smoke onto Mitsuru.  The art is spectacular with the different angles and how they are represented on the pages.  The story pulls you in wanting to read more, and the high paced action scenes will have you glued to the pages.  It would actually make a good anime.  Although it involves people with vampire like characteristics, the story setting is quite original and is not confusing to understand. And there is a fine balance of smut scenes as well.  I just think more could have been done with the story and characters if it was allowed to continue on for longer.  It’s a good ending though, where the Anna and Mitsuru become inseparable from each other.

Looking at the manga-ka’s Twitter page, I just found out that feedback for the manga was quite good that there will be a sequel starting in the July issue of ihr Hertz.  I am looking forward to it and just happen to subscribe to that BL magazine.  I am glad there is something to look forward to this year.

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