Title: なかないひばり
Author: Minazuki Akira
Release Date: July 15, 2020
Publisher: Taiyou Tosho (H&C comics ihr Hertz series)

The story is about a photographer Kiyosumi who lives with his late friend’s younger brother Hibari.  Kiyosumi took him in because he felt responsible for the death of Misago, Hibari’s brother. Kiyosumi is trying his very best to become Hibari’s family and trying to put away his other feelings for him, but Hibari has different feelings for Kiyosumi too.  One day when he returns from school Hibari finds Kiyosumi sleeping and kisses him.

The story is quite simple and is a typical BL story, but what is attractive about this manga is that it is not conversation heavy.  It is a true manga where the drawings and expressions on the character’s faces tell the story. This manga-ka has done a good job at it.  Honestly I was not very fond of this manga-ka’s inking style previously but after she returned from finishing a shounen manga I can really tell that she has really improved.

My favourite part is where Hibari comes to see Kiyosumi in the hospital and cries saying that he was worried that he may have lost Kiyosumi without telling him anything…like what happened with his brother.  Kiyosumi tells Hibari that they both know how scary it is not to be able to tell each other their feelings. He then says to Hibari that he likes him and that even if they can’t become family he wants to be close to him.  Hibari then finally tells Kiyosumi that he liked him for a while too.

While the drawings are quite attractive I found the story lacked a bit.  Maybe because I’ve read so much BL that it doesn’t feel satisfying as much.  I would have liked to have read about more incidents happening among the two.  It probably would have been a better read if it was two volumes instead of one.  Having it in one volume makes the story a little rushed to me.  But it is a good read and a good title to pick up when you feel like backing away from the more serious stories and want to read a basic BL story.

The title translates to “Hibari Doesn’t Cry”.

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Nakanai Hibari
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