Title: となりのメタラーさん
Author: Mamita
Release Date: May 10, 2020
Publisher: Tokuma Shoten (Chara Comics)

The story is about Kento, a Master’s student who moves into a really cheap apartment but because it has no heating he nearly freezes to death during a snowstorm.  He is rescued by his neighbour Soushi who is a metalhead and is shy at speaking.  Though he is wearing black clothes and is kind of scary looking, Kento becomes friends with him and they start eating meals together that Soushi makes.  Soon Kento discovers his kindness and becomes attracted to him but he has been hiding that he is gay.

The manga has quite a few descriptions of heavy metal fans and one can assume the manga-ka too is a metalhead.  The scene where Kento goes to a concert with Soushi and he nearly gets trampled over and thrown around is quite funny. It must be what the manga-ka has experienced or observed.  Also the reason Soushi became interested in heavy metal music is also interesting.  Growing up he was never good communicating with people and to avoid people (or have them even make fun of him) after seeing a metalhead at the CD store he brings down his long bangs in front of his face, starts giving a scary gaze and starts listening to heavy metal.  All the characters are kind hearted so they give the manga a very friendly and warm feel.  I like the scenes where a nursery school child is giving paid love advice to Kento.  In fact all the supporting characters also are quite fun including the cake store manager where Soushi works.  And it’s also kind of cute and funny that Soushi faints after Kento kisses and hugs him.  This is near the end of the manga where Soushi gathers his courage to tell Kento not to move and Kento once again tells him that he likes him.

Overall, it’s a very cute and stress-free read.  If you are looking for something relatively light and with a warm feeling this is a good manga.

The title translates to “The Metalhead Next Door”.

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Tonari no Metaller-san
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