Title: カム トゥ ハンド
Author: Sei
Release Date: October 10, 2020
Publisher: Leed-Sha (SP Comics Mimosa)

I had been meaning to pick this one up for a while. I have been quite busy and have been running around so It truly is a soothing read for someone who is in a stressful situation. It’s not like it’s action packed or anything but the whole atmosphere of the story and drawings give off a very gentle feeling. I imagine that the manga-ka is also a very kind person.

The story starts off with a tattoo shop manager (and designer) Arashi finding a high school music teacher Miharu (who is exhausted from work) fainted outside the store on a snowy day. When Miharu wakes up (he was just sleeping being tired from work), he finds himself on the sofa of the tattoo shop.  A few days later Miharu returns to thank Arashi for helping him.  Miharu becomes attracted to Arashi’s kindness and everytime they meet up, he tries to find more reasons to see him. After a music concert, Arashi kisses Miharu and suggests that they start dating so they would have a reason to see each other.

Arashi first acts like he is the same age as Miharu (35) and seems to know things about Miharu that have not been discussed.  Reading along you find out that Arashi is actually 28 and why he knows Miharu.  I won’t give it away, but everything falls into place when it is revealed, and you can really tell that Arashi likes Miharu a lot, from before and now.  And after that Arashi starts acting more his age, than pretending to show an overly mature attitude. Arashi and Miharu are a very cute couple and they complement each other well. Arashi’s existence and actions really help Miharu develop in a positive way. This manga teaches you that the tiny things in everyday life can bring you happiness.

It’s a surprise that this is Sei-sensei’s debut book. She seems to be pretty good at executing the slow-paced but sweetness-filled story.  There are no “bad” characters or people who stir things up. In fact the tattoo shop owner and staff are fun and friendly people and brightens up the manga in the scenes they appear. The story flows smoothly and the characters’ feelings are conveyed carefully.  When you think of a tattoo shop and BL, you may think there is a lot of smut involved, but in this manga, you will not find much of that at all. I like how Arashi actually confirms with Miharu if he prefers to be top or bottom. The main characters have trust in each other and are not afraid to speak from the heart. It is enjoyable and a comforting manga to relieve you temporarily from your everyday worries.  The only thing that bothered me is that there is absolutely no mention about the main characters’ family backgrounds, but I guess it really doesn’t matter in this type of story that has no intense moments.

My favourite scene is where Arashi introduces Miharu to the tattoo shop owner and Miharu is not very comfortable in this situation. He then finds out that the owner is a nice and caring person and he asks Miharu to take good care of Arashi.

The manga also includes another short story about an actor and a novelist.  This one was an enjoyable read as well.  I am looking forward to this manga-ka’s future works.

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