As you may know the BL review site Chill Chill holds the BL Awards each year.  This year was the 12th edition of it.  You can find the results on their site here:

I started voting for my favourites about four years ago and am always thrilled when they use my comments.  This year they used more than I expected so I am very happy.  I take time to write them and they really feel worthwhile when they use them among many others.  My username on there is yuzumikan so take a look on the site.  (My comments are all in Japanese).

There seemed to be quite a few nominated titles that were out in English, but I am not sure how high they ranked.  The ones I voted for mostly did pretty well.

RIght now there is a special going on at Honto (digitally) where you enter into the campaign and then purchase at least two of the listed manga and they will give you the digital version of the special booklet with 28 BL award related manga-ka’s participating.  The link to the page with the explanation is here:

If you would rather buy the actual physical books you can go to ComiComi Studio and read about the campaign there.

I’ve read some good titles already this year and am looking forward to reading more titles that will possibly be nominated for next year’s BL Awards.

BL Award 2021 Ranking Results
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