Title: 猫かわいがりたいっ!
Author: Yamada Shimako
Release Date: October 25, 2019
Publisher: Kasakura Publishing (Cult Comics Equal Collection)

This manga contains two stories and what is common about the two is that the same cat cafe appears in them.  This manga screams “cute” everywhere and so if you are looking for a fairly light read that is insanely cute including the drawings, this is for you.  And if you like the seme treating the uke with lots of affection, it is even a better match for you.

The first story is about an office worker Mr. Oogami who frequently visits a cat cafe run by Kaneko-kun (nicknamed Neko-kun, neko means cat) in order to feel relaxed after a stressful day.  Mr. Oogami melts his stress there, not only with the cats, but by spending time with Neko-kun. He likes Neko-kun but doesn’t know how to tell him.  At first the cats were scared of him, but with the help of Neko-kun some of them slowly start to approach him.  One day Mr. Oogami comes in near the end of business hours so Neko-kun closes the store but lets Mr. Oogami stay.  They get very close that night and you find out they both like each other.

There’s not much to the storyline as it just continues with some sweet sex and them reaffirming their love for each other. Note that Mr. Oogami must be much older than Neko-kun, and Neko-kun has already graduated from university before he started the cat cafe.  Since the setting of the story is at a cat cafe, the cats are really cute in this manga and is a bonus for the cat lover.  You find out that Neko-kun’s younger brother is carrying on the family profession (veterinarian).   In fact, his younger brother comes to check up on the health of the cats at the cat cafe.  The cats are taken care of at the cat cafe until they are ready to be taken into their forever home.

In the second story, a second year university student Amano Tenma is living with graduate student Takayama Masato.  They are very much in love with each other but Masato is busy with school and does not have much time to spend with Tenma.  Tenma decides to get a summer job at a cat cafe (which Neko-kun runs) but after he finds out that Masato is allergic to cats he becomes very careful. Before heading home each time he goes to the internet cafe to use the shower and remove all the cat hairs.  But since Tenma has not told Masato that he works at a cat cafe, Masato finds Tenma’s actions to be suspicious and starts feeling that Tenma is seeing someone else.  Things work out in the end and you can sense where the story is leading to before the mishap even happens but it is cute to see high-tensioned Tenma caring so much about Masato.

Neko-kun is more quiet and calm compared to Tenma, but both are cute uke in this manga.  It’s a pretty much a no-stress read that will have you smiling throughout it.  It’s perfect when you want to relieve your stress without thinking much and are looking for something cute.

The title translates to “I want to dote on you.”  It has a hidden meaning where “neko” also means cat.

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