Title: だってこの人かわいいし子供も2人できたから
Author: Nekota Riko
Release Date: April 27, 2021
Publisher: Take Shobo (Bamboo Comics Reijin Selection)

I picked this one up out of curiousity since the cover picture is cute, especially the two cat like creatures.  It’s another soothing read, and as the title states, it’s about a very cute demon lord.  Apparently the manga-ka made this manga because she wanted to draw the kittens of the small wild cat Pallas’ Cat (also known as manul). These babies that look like Pallas’ Cat kittens are the demon king’s children.

The title translate to “That’s because he’s cute and we now have two children.”

The manga starts off with the demon king asking the weapons merchant to have babies with him.  In this world the demon king does not give birth to the babies himself but rather they are created by sorcery.  The manga basically follows the newly wed’s life in which the majority of time is taken up by caring for their babies, who are twins (a girl and a boy).  Later on the children are able to take human form and they are still very cute.

Throughout the manga the weapons merchant keeps saying that the demon king is cute and indeed he is.  Everything about this manga is cute.  I found it funny that they sent out “just married” postcards to everyone. This ties into the hero’s grandfather identifying who the weapons merchant is by seeing the custom made suit he is wearing.  But the demon king can be fierce too and is prepared to fight his uncle who comes to complain.  He is still thinking about defeating the human world heroes and take over the world, but right now, his family and time with the weapon’s merchant comes first.

There’s not much action or tension in the manga but it is a fun read and the story is comical and flows well.  There are no real bad people in the manga and everyone turns out to be unique on their own.  The biggest surprise is probably the true identity of the weapons merchant but I am sure some may have seen it coming.  And of course the story is a happily ever after.  The mischievous children are sometimes too much for the demon lord’s relatives to handle, but they are raised with loving care.

These children are actually ultimate weapons to conquer the world.  My favourite part is perhaps where the demon king is playing demon king vs hero with his own children.

The interesting thing about this manga is that no one really has a name.  They are, demon king, weapon’s merchant, uncle, hero, legendary hero, hero’s grandfather, etc. but no real name.  Still it does not make a difference to the story as it is still a fluffy read with the intention of the demon lord conquering the hero as the main plot.  And it’s a Reijin magazine manga so of course there are plenty of smut.  I usually avoid manga that run in this magazine, but the cover was too cute to pass.  The art style may take a bit to get used to at first, but it goes well with the story that by the end you are not concerned by it at all.

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