Hello to anyone who reads my reviews/recommendations. After a year of silence I decided to change the look of this website. The old theme was outdated and had not been updated for ages so I figured it was time to upgrade to something more recent.

Finding a new theme was time consuming and so was customizing it.  It took me a while to figure out how the new ones work. And also I had to decide what I wanted exactly.  I finally settled on one after spending months trying at least 10 others.  I spent the last few weeks preparing to launch the new look.  I am relieved it is finally over.  I may make some tweaks here and there but otherwise I think it’s fine, for now.

I finally updated my bookshelf list in February. The last time it was updated was in the summer of 2021 so there were quite an enormous amount to add. It took me three days to complete but the older digital books I have purchased have not been included (mostly novels). I may not include those for a while because it takes up so much time. I will keep the list of new books I have purchased up-to-date though (both digital and physical ones) as much as I can.

I hope to be able to start up the reviews/recommendations in the next month or so. I’ve been quite busy with taking care of my parents that I hardly had time last year.  And it’s income tax season. I’ve read some good BL in the meantime so I want to share my joy about them with you.

Stay tuned…

Website rehaul