My rant for today

I just left a FB group because I was told by the admin that I was shaming members. Someone recommended a manga and put a photo of an illegal site so I added a link to where you can read it officially. I never mentioned anything about the person reading illegally, although I do not take the argument that you are allowed to read illegal scanslations if you don’t have money.

Apparently this group thinks that it’s ok to read illegally if you are a poor student. Don’t read manga if you don’t have money. I surely don’t. Most hobbies cost money. During these times I re-read over and over again the ones I already have. These people reading illegally have read more manga than I have and haven’t given a penny to support the artists. Having no money is not a reason to engage in illegal activities. These people must not have shame or dignity.

Manga would sell much better and you’d get more official releases if people actually bought the manga when it comes out officially.  And this way you can request more titles if the publisher knows that people are going to buy them. Or even buy the Japanese original ones so that the manga-ka could work on longer series or even just continue coming out with new ones constantly.

But these people think everything on the internet should be free and don’t care for the lives of people affected. Very selfish people! It takes a very long time for a manga artist to finish an instalment and if they don’t get paid how are they going to survive? You know some of these artists spend all month long drawing a single instalment and don’t even have the time to leave the house?

Oh and this site I linked to for this official release (in English) is an all-you-can read manga in their library (of over 200 titles) for like $7 USD a month. They even have plans where you can buy for several months at once for a cheaper per month rate (so if you have money one month and you don’t the next, you can still continue the subscription). I think this is affordable and much less than what I have to pay to buy original manga in Japanese, plus shipping.

I used to help my mother out and she would give me $20 a month. Or I would babysit my neighbours’ children. And I didn’t start buying manga till I got a job during my university years. That is when my manga collection started. What I can’t afford I will not read. You cannot call yourself a fan if you don’t support the artists in any way. If you are going to read an illegal scan, buy the bloody work (the actual physical book or digital version, which you can get coupons to purchase at discounted prices). If you don’t have money, don’t read it until you do.  It’s not like 10 years ago when it was hard to purchase manga.

Btw, my sister has books in Finnish and German.  She cannot read them, but that’s her way to support the authors.