Tondemonai Ore no Alpha

Title: トンでもない俺のα
Author: Fujisaki Moe
Release Date: March 25, 2020
Publisher: Sankousha (Charles Comics)

This was one manga I was not going to pick up since I it looked like it had a lot of smut content.  But I was tricked by, I mean attracted to it by the cute picture of the piglet on the cover of the special picture book-like booklet that it came with if you purchased from Animate stores. It turned out to be the most hilarious read of the year, although my assumption of the amount of smut was also true.

As you can probably tell by the title, it’s an omegaverse story.  In Fujisaki Moe’s omegaverse world, alphas are animal beings where they are a cross between an animal and human and can also become animal form. Omegas are attracted to a specific animal alpha and in the case of Masumi Hiro, he is attracted to pig alphas. On the other hand alphas can smell the omegas that they are suitable for. Hiro is a teacher at a nursery school for alphas where piglet Inokoza Rin is asking him to marry him every day. But Hiro is not keen on mating with a pig alpha after reading that pigs have deadly mating characteristics. Therefore he acts coldly to Rin.  Hiro then decides to take a break from the nursery and when Rin hears this he is shocked and runs away from the nursery and somehow makes it to Hiro’s place.  He lets him stay until Rin’s mother comes to pick him up but in the meantime Hiro goes into heat for the first time and he runs into trouble.

The manga-ka’s sense of humour is out of this world and so many crazy things happen throughout the manga.  The nursery kids are usually in animal form but they can also take human form.  When this happens they look much older.  So when Hiro and Rin mate, Rin is in human form so he looks like an adult.  Rin has been madly attracted to Hiro since he smelled his scent but then Shino who claims to be Hiro’s soulmate appears and more commotion takes place.  Rin doesn’t notice that Shino would be his rival because Shino is usually wearing a mask and without seeing his pig nose he looks like a sheep (as he is a cross between a sheep and a pig).  Shino is a new kid at the nursery who came while Hiro was in the hospital.  He ended up in the hospital because of Rin who bulldozed him over.  When Hiro and Shino meet, Hiro can’t hold back his pheromones and it turns into a battle between Rin and Shino.

This is a very energetic manga and apparently a spin off of this involving Rin’s mother and his mate is currently running.  I will most likely end up picking that up too when it is released.  Just a warning that there is quite a lot of smut in this manga so if you aren’t too immune to that stuff I would ignore this title.  It was actually a little too much for me but the humour and craziness of the characters helped me get through the manga.  This manga will certainly make you smile and you will feel free from your worries.

The title translates to “My Unbelievable Alpha”.

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