Ao to Gent

Title: 青とジェント
Author: Akihira Shiro
Release Date: August 3, 2020
Publisher: Taiyou Tosho (H&C Comics CRAFT series)

I’ve always loved this manga-ka’s works and this one is no different.  It’s a very cute story and like usual it has a nice tempo to the flow of the story.  At first I wasn’t sure what to think of the main character Miura Naoki as he was pretty much trying to blackmail Ayama Kyoichi because he was living a rich good life compared to Naoki’s poor family. Naoki’s parents owned a restaurant when he was younger, and Kyoichi was the one who came to order them to move for a new development project. After relocating they did not do well and had to close the restaurant.  His mother started a cleaning business but his father passed away young from overworking.

What started off as a questionable beginning turned into a sweet story thanks to Kyoichi’s kind character.  He too had remorse for Naoki’s father and offered Naoki a part time job at his place.  This job did not consist of anything difficult and included things like baking a cake together and eating it, or helping out when Kyoichi had guests over.  Naoki turns out to be a pretty honest and likeable character who tries his best at anything.  After talking to Kyoichi he decides that he wants to go to university (he was originally going to work after graduating from high school) and help Kyoichi in the future at his company.  One day Naoki finds Kyoichi sleeping on the sofa and almost kisses him.  His secretary Sakuma later comes to see Naoki after school and shows him a photograph of this incident (which he had been secretly filming) and tells him not to come anymore because Kyoichi was disgusted at seeing this.  Kyoichi doesn’t know that Sakuma has been trying to cease contact with Kyoichi and Naoki and asks him to give Naoki a copy of a past year’s university entrance examination questions.  And in the meantime Naoki asks him to give Kyoichi a letter of apology.  Of course Sakuma gives neither and runs both through the shredder.

Although Sakuma gets in the way of their growing feelings for each other, Kyoichi makes a move and goes to look for Naoki himself to tell him that he likes him.  It’s funny to note that this becomes a bit of a chase scene.  Of course it is a happy ending and is a pleasant read if you are wanting something typical but sweet. Also, if you like age gap couples this would be perfect to read.  I am still confused why Kyoichi baked a large cookie shaped like a crab when he felt sad that Naoki wasn’t coming anymore.  And lucky Naoki scored expensive eggs thanks to Kyoichi because he was not able to make it to the bargain sale.  Little fun things like this are thrown in throughout the manga which makes you giggle.  This manga will surely make your day feel better.

The title translates to “The Youth and the Gentleman”.

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