Snow Day, Review Day

I can’t believe it will be March in less than two weeks.  The days are going by so quickly and I thought 2021 just started.

Well, it snowed last night and this morning, so I spent two hours shovelling snow.  By myself!  It was a good workout but by the end I was getting tired and just started piling snow to the side of the driveway instead of taking them up to the lawn at the front.  The driveway has become narrow by a few inches but cars will still fit so we are ok.  At least I think it’s ok.

I finished dinner early because all I had to do was heat up left over mapo tofu so I am going to spend the next hour or so writing a review I was meaning to write last week.

Yesterday I put up my March purchase list, but since there are quite a few titles to buy I probably have to split them up and postpone buying some till April.  I hope there aren’t many new releases I want in April or there will be a backlog.  I now have to decide which titles to buy from where.  It’s hard to preorder limited edition books on Honto these days so I may have to give up and order 10Dance from ComiComi Studio or Animate.  If it doesn’t have a special item with the manga I prefer to order from Honto as I can save on the shipping costs.

And a notice that I have updated the sliders.  I had a hard time deciding on my favourite titles so there’s quite a few sliders.  The choices are in no particular order.  I just pasted the covers as they came up. Sit and enjoy them and see what titles you recognize.

That’s all for today!