Long time no post…I am back

Hello all.  Things have been hectic over the years and I have finally decided to return to posting reviews and work on my other pages that have been neglected.  Updated places include Tumblr (short Japanese reviews of BL manga and novels), and Livejournal (general talk about anything).  I have also been working on getting all of the Japanese manga and novels I own up on a bookshelf site.  There’s quite a few but I think I got the majority of the physical books up.  Note there are a lot of shoujo manga and then suddenly I start buying BL.  They then become the majority of recent purchases.  Actually I have been buying more BL novels instead of manga these days.  I find them to be more satisfying as storylines are more in depth and characters are appealing.  As for digital books I only have BL manga purchased through Honto up on the bookshelf site.

So my plan is to update at least one of the review sections once a week or more.  I hope to get enough up so I can advertise my site a bit more.  In the meantime I will be purchasing more manga and will update the bookshelf list as they come in.  I am not rich but I do put money aside to buy manga and BL novels.  It’s nice that Honto gives coupons for buying digital books, especially BL titles.  I usually buy on sale and use a 20% off or 25% off coupon in addition to that.  My want list is quite extensive but I will tackle it slowly as I hope the books go on sale sooner or later.

I have also updated the Places to Buy Manga section.  I now include sites where you can read BL manga in English online.  There have also been little tweaks here and there.  I should update the slider images since some of them are from like 3 years ago.

And voting for Chill Chill’s 2021 BL Awards is now up. Get your votes and comments in before February 7th.  The winners will be announced on April 2.  You will need to make an account to participate.  A list of nominated titles that have been released in English has been compiled on the Twitter account of BL Party! and can be found here.