Author: Asajima Rui
Release Date: April 10, 2019
Publisher: Libre Publishing (Be Boy Omegaverse Comics)

This is another series I purchased because the reviews were good.  It’s an omegaverse story but not your typical Alpha x Omega.  Rather it’s Beta x Omega who is already bonded to someone else…something you don’t see too often.  I usually skip a lot of omegaverse stories since it involves a lot of smut content but this one sounded interesting.

It starts off with Liam Dorkins hanging out in a bar with his friends with no job and place to live.  There he meets Noah Corkwell who tells him he would hire him to take care of his ill brother.  When he gets to the Corkwell residence he finds out this brother Oliver is living in a separate building on the property and is not exactly ill but is an omega who has had his bonding forcefully removed.  Because of this he is in constant heat (for over a year) but cannot release pheromones.   To relieve him of this situation, he was looking for someone to constantly have sex with him.  Oliver is the only omega born in an all alpha family so the family had been having a hard time with how to treat him.  Liam first feels sorry for Oliver at first and agrees to be hired.  But the more he stays with him he realizes that although Oliver is an omega he is a regular person and treats him like one.  He even manages to drag him out of the place he lives for a walk and becomes more and more interested in him.  Oliver on the other hand becomes attracted to Liam as well although he was first told by Liam that he can’t bond with him or become his lover.  Oliver becomes comfortable living with Liam and the two are able to express their feelings to each other.  Then soon after the alpha who bonded with Oliver, Adam appears.

The portrayal of the characters are very well done and we see two very fine young men falling in love with each other.  Liam is very down to earth and he is the son of parents who are a Beta and an Omega.  That is probably why he is able to understand Oliver and be positive that he too can have a happy life with him.  Oliver’s former bond Adam is an absolute idiot who after dumping Oliver comes back to get him because his wife can’t produce children.  In order for him to succeed his father’s company he has to have a child and for that sole reason he appears in front of Oliver since he was once pregnant with his child.  By this time Liam is already keen on not letting go of Oliver so he fights back and these scenes show how brave and loving he is towards Oliver.

All in all, this manga is a great read and Liam is a really sincere character.  Oliver is able to be himself in front of him and their meeting to me is a meeting of fate, but unlike one with an alpha.  Thanks to Liam the manga is a happy ending but there are a few questions that remain.  The biggest is probably the appearance of Oliver’s younger brother (not Noah).  His appearance did not lead to anything at all.  Just one scene with him talking to Liam and that’s it.  It almost sounded like he wanted to be the one bonding to Oliver but nothing is really clear.  And Oliver’s parents are also a mystery.  If they did love him, why was he treated like an outcast?

My favourite scene is where Liam and Oliver wake up one day and instead of wearing an oversized shirt that belonged to the man he formerly bonded with, he now wore Liam’s oversized shirt.  Scenes like this in the manga make you smile and give across a warm feeling.  And it also has you rooting for the two so that they reach a happy ending.

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