Title: Lottery
Author: Iragi Nanori
Release Date: August 10, 2021
Publisher: Libre Publishing (Be Boy Comics Deluxe)

I like stories that have convenience store settings so I didn’t hesitate to pick up this one.  In fact, it is the cover that attracted me to it, before I even read the synopsis. This is the first time reading a manga by this manga-ka.

The story is about a convenience store employee Nishiura Shougo and a good looking university student Tendou Nagisa.  The two had actually met when Shougo was in high school and Nagisa was in elementary school.  Shougo who used to be quite a popular kid in his group of friends in high school and had a bright prospective, now works at a convenience store.  He has an inferiority complex and finds himself to be quite unlucky doing nothing more than working till late hours with a crazy work schedule.  There is no mention but I assume he couldn’t get hired to work at a company and ended up working at a convenience store where he is overworked.  This is thanks to his boss who won’t hire more people and always hangs out at the back of the store without helping. Every time an employee needs to take time off or has an emergency situation, Shougo would take over their shift.  One day Nagisa comes in with his friends for a free cafe latte which he won on an app on his phone. Shougo becomes jealous and frustrated at how lucky he is, especially after he finds out that Shougo’s family is also rich. Shougo doesn’t remember, but one day Nagisa reminds Shougo that he was friends with his brother Mitsuru in high school and used to come over.  Nagisa remembered him well since he looked forward to him coming and playing with him.  Soon he can’t stop thinking about Shougo and comes by often to see him, especially because he is concerned for him.

Shougo thinks very negatively and this gloominess in his mind carries out through much of the story, especially in the beginning.  It seems the more he thinks he is luckless, the darker he gets and and his mind can’t seem to get out of the loop. This is reflected in the mood of the manga. In fact, he must be suffering from depression and when Nagisa tells him that he doesn’t have to try so hard, he starts crying.  These are words no one has said to him, even his family who he feels is putting pressure on him because he didn’t end up working for a regular company.  But in turn he hurts Nagisa by saying some hateful words which he then regrets.  Still Nagisa does not give up on him and can’t let go of his feelings for Shougo.  It is Nagisa who pulls Shougo away from his pessimist thinking.  Shougo then starts feeling comfortable showing his true thoughts around Nagisa.  Shougo’s mind starts getting clearer that he realizes that people do recognize his hard work and that they are genuinely concerned for him.

The manga is not a bad read if you can get past Shougo’s negative thinking. I find though that the love aspect seems to happen too suddenly, especially on the side of Shougo.  Yes he became fond of Nagisa, but I think the kiss and the dating happens too soon and the end is rushed.  Maybe because the story had to fit into one volume, but it would have been nicer to see his emotions grow gradually.  Story wise, I like that despite what Shougo thinks, most of the characters around him are supportive and do respect him for who he is.  Even his boss shows signs of eventually having him perhaps run his own store. Nagisa on the other hand is very calm for a university student and his persistent actions paid off to reach a happy ending. Shougo is lucky to have reunited with Nagisa otherwise who knows how he would have ended up.

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