Sweet Our 1R

Title: スイートアワー1R (Sweet Our 1 Room)
Author: Kamoburger
Release Date: April 10, 2020
Publisher: Libre (Be Boy Comics Deluxe)

I picked this one up because the couple on the cover looked cute together. Apparently it’s a spin-off of a one-shot manga that is not included.  That’s why I probably had some trouble understanding some details.  This is the debut book for this manga-ka.

The story of this manga is rather simple.  Seto Shima and Sasamori Kaname have been happily going out for two years. They are university students in Hokkaido. They have been living together in a small but cozy place for one year.  They get along so well that they make out and have sex everyday.  One day Kaname becomes worried that he is addicted to sex and decides to hold off for a while.  But once they make physical contact they end up having sex.  And so, Kaname tries harder to avoid physical intimacy.  Shima notices that Kaname is avoiding having sex with him and becomes concerned.  He consults his sister who suggests that perhaps Kaname has grown weary of him.  But Shima wants to believe Kaname still loves him.  They then go on a trip to Tokyo where things become a bit sour.  In the end they make up and are back to a happy couple.

The plot is so simple that you can read this manga with an empty brain.  It’s a happy ending and their relationship was in danger only because Kaname did not discuss his concerns with Shima.  Talk to each other, for crying out loud!  Don’t try to solve the problem by yourself when it involves you both.  This is indeed important for any couple.

Unlike a lot of manga, this starts off with a couple already dating.  If you like seeing and reading about happy couples with a bit of a misunderstanding in between, this manga is for you.  Otherwise Kaname may be a bit frustrating to some readers.

Despite the story, the artwork is crisp, clean and beautiful. I love how the two characters are drawn.  Kaname is cute, but he is still masculine.  I like the body structure difference of the two and they look so good when together. I look forward to this manga-ka’s future works.  And I hope in the next book that comes out, it includes the manga which Sweet Our 1R is a spin-off of.  I am sure this manga would be more enjoyable if we had some knowledge of that one.

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