Manga Books for Sale

The following are manga I have for sale (in no particular order). All of them are written in Japanese and released in Japan.  Prices are in $CAD. Pickup in the Toronto-area (east end).  I can mail them to you for a minimum purchase of $10.

Click here to see manga and artbook list with prices and photos.

Used Magazines 中古漫画雑誌:

    • りぼん Ribon / たくさんあります。全部引き取ってください。/ $60(付録付きもあります with furoku)Pickup only!
    • ビーボーイゴールド(注意:BLです) Be Boy GOLD (Yaoi) / 2014年2月号から2017年12月号まで。February 2014 to December 2017/ $4 per issue.  Total of $96 for all. (I am not splitting up the issues)セットとして購入してください。単品売り不可 。For an extra $4 I will throw in the 2018 issues I have (about 3). Pickup only!