Hitodenai Ookami Vols. 1-2

Title: 人でない狼 (The Wolf that is not Human) Author: 元ハルヒラ Release Dates:  January 10, 2020 (Vol. 1), January 9, 2021 (Vol. 2) Publisher: Libre Publishing (Be Boy Comics Deluxe) Moto Haruhira’s works are generally a sweet and relaxing read so I naturally picked up this title.  She is probably most known … Continue reading

Daisy Jealousy

Title: Daisy Jealousy Author: Ogerestu Tanaka Release Date: November 10, 2020 Publisher: Libre This is one of the best single volume reads for 2020.  I am glad I picked up this title, and from now on I will automatically buy her works physically when a new one comes out.  It … Continue reading

Sekai no Hate Yori Konnichiwa

Title: 世界の果てよりこんにちは (Say Hello from the End of the World) Author: Nekono Mariko Release Date: April 10, 2015 Publisher: Libre Publishing This was the first manga I read by Nekono Mariko.  It ran in Be Boy GOLD magazine and since I liked the series I picked up the tankoubon when … Continue reading