Books to Buy in 2021: June edition

This is the list of newly released manga I plan to buy in May.  Only physical books are included. June 6/01 ディアプラス・コミックス 王子禁制(アイドルキンセイ) 麻生海、 月村奎 759円 Idol Kinsei by Asou Kai and Tsukimura Kei (BL manga) 6/04 Charles Comics トンでもない俺のα 2 藤咲もえ 748円 Tondemonai Ore no Alpha Vol. 2 (BL … Continue reading

Come to Hand

Title: カム トゥ ハンド Author: Sei Release Date: October 10, 2020 Publisher: Leed-Sha (SP Comics Mimosa) I had been meaning to pick this one up for a while. I have been quite busy and have been running around so It truly is a soothing read for someone who is in … Continue reading

Smoky Nectar

Title: スモーキーネクター Author: Minazuki Akira Release Date: November 24, 2020 Publisher: Taiyo Tosho (H&C Comics ihr Hertz series) I usually don’t read a lot manga where vampires appear, but I liked Nakanai Hibari so I picked up this one too.  It’s by the same manga-ka.  It did not disappoint me, … Continue reading

Osananajimi to Hajimeru Aijin Keiyaku

Title: 幼なじみと始める愛人契約 (Starting a contract as a mistress with a childhood friend) Author: Syzygy Sani Release Date: August 19, 2020 Publisher: Bright Publishing (Tulle Comics) This is another manga that caught my eye because of the positive reviews.  It has comedic moments that makes you snicker and the main characters … Continue reading

Books to Buy in 2021: May edition

This is the list of newly released manga I plan to buy in May.  Only physical books are included. May 5/01 秒で分かるBL 死神は殺せない 三日ミタ 757円 Shinigami wa Korosenai by Mikka Mita (BL manga) 5/10 フラワーコミックス 神無月紫子の優雅な暇潰し 2 赤石路代 499円 Kannazuki Yukariko no Yuuga na Himatsubushi Vol. 2 by Akaishi Michiyo … Continue reading

BL Award 2021 Ranking Results

As you may know the BL review site Chill Chill holds the BL Awards each year.  This year was the 12th edition of it.  You can find the results on their site here: I started voting for my favourites about four years ago and am always thrilled when they … Continue reading


Title: 猫かわいがりたいっ! (I want to dote on you!) Author: Yamada Shimako Release Date: October 25, 2019 Publisher: Kasakura Publishing (Cult Comics Equal Collection) This manga contains two stories and what is common about the two is that the same cat cafe appears in them.  This manga screams “cute” everywhere and … Continue reading

Sad news

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been busy recently and have not been reading much. Also, I was feeling really down the other day.  This was because Honto sent an email telling you that they are stopping overseas shipping.  They suggest using the proxy service Buyee, but I … Continue reading

Books to Buy in 2021: April edition

This is the list of newly released manga I plan to buy in April.  Only physical books are included. April 4/01 ディアプラス・コミックス 花鳥風月9 志水ゆき 935円 Kachou Fuugetsu Vol. 9 by Shimizu Yuki (BL manga) 4/09 マッグガーデン とつくにの少女11 ながべ 660円 Totsukuni no Shoujo Vol. 11 by Nagabe (Seinen manga) 4/20 花とゆめコミックス 暁のヨナ35 現パロ番外編+スケッチ集付き特装版 草凪みずほ … Continue reading