Hitodenai Ookami Vols. 1-2

Title: 人でない狼 (The Wolf that is not Human) Author: 元ハルヒラ Release Dates:  January 10, 2020 (Vol. 1), January 9, 2021 (Vol. 2) Publisher: Libre Publishing (Be Boy Comics Deluxe) Moto Haruhira’s works are generally a sweet and relaxing read so I naturally picked up this title.  She is probably most known … Continue reading

Perfect Propose

Title: パーフェクトプロポーズ Author: Tsurukame Mayo Release Date: August 7, 2020 Publisher: Kaiousha (GUSH Comics) This is one example where I didn’t find the art style to be attractive but the story and character’s lines made the manga more than worthwhile.  It had stunning reviews so I picked it up and … Continue reading

My rant for today

I just left a FB group because I was told by the admin that I was shaming members. Someone recommended a manga and put a photo of an illegal site so I added a link to where you can read it officially. I never mentioned anything about the person reading … Continue reading

Tondemonai Ore no Alpha

Title: トンでもない俺のα (My Unbelievable Alpha) Author: Fujisaki Moe Release Date: March 25, 2020 Publisher: Sankousha (Charles Comics) This was one manga I was not going to pick up since I it looked like it had a lot of smut content.  But I was tricked by, I mean attracted to it … Continue reading

Introduction to Omegaverse

My latest review is an omegaverse story and I thought I should add a description about it for those who are not familiar with it.  I will use this to link to every time I review an omegaverse manga. If you are not familiar with omegaverse, it is used widely … Continue reading

More Snow, Another Review

Phew! It hasn’t been a week since the last update. I shovelled snow this morning again.  This time it was heavier and it took me longer to clear the driveway.  I am so glad I am done.  I was out of breath when it was over. I wasn’t sure which … Continue reading

Umi de Hirotta Kimi ni Sasagu

Title: 海で拾ったきみに捧ぐ (Dedicated to you whom I found by the ocean) Author: Sagami Waka Release Date: October 25, 2018 Publisher: Tokuma Shoten (CHARA Comics) I was going to review this in Japanese on my Tumblr site, but since Tumblr will probably reject the cover image I decided to write my … Continue reading

Ao to Gent

Title: 青とジェント (The Youth and the Gentleman) Author: Akihira Shiro Release Date: August 3, 2020 Publisher: Taiyou Tosho (H&C Comics CRAFT series) I’ve always loved this manga-ka’s works and this one is no different.  It’s a very cute story and like usual it has a nice tempo to the flow … Continue reading

Snow Day, Review Day

I can’t believe it will be March in less than two weeks.  The days are going by so quickly and I thought 2021 just started. Well, it snowed last night and this morning, so I spent two hours shovelling snow.  By myself!  It was a good workout but by the … Continue reading