Yuuzutsu wa Ai ni Tokeru

Title: ゆうづつは藍にとける (Venus Melts in to Indigo) Author: Aoi Aki Release Date: September 1, 2020 Publisher: Taiyo Tosho (H&C Comics ihr Hertz Series) If you are looking to read a slow paced but gentle BL manga, this is the one.  It reads like a piece of literature and the art … Continue reading

Books to Buy in 2021: Jan & Feb edition

This is the list of newly released manga and novels I plan to buy in January and February.  Only physical books are included. January From ComiComi Studio: 1/26 バンブーコミックス Qpaコレクション ミックス 吉田ゆうこ 792円 Mix by Yoshida Yuko (BL manga) 1/09 ビーボーイコミックスデラックス 人でない狼 2 元ハルヒラ 725円 Hito de nai Ookami by … Continue reading

Long time no post…I am back

Hello all.  Things have been hectic over the years and I have finally decided to return to posting reviews and work on my other pages that have been neglected.  Updated places include Tumblr (short Japanese reviews of BL manga and novels), and Livejournal (general talk about anything).  I have also … Continue reading

Daisy Jealousy

Title: Daisy Jealousy Author: Ogerestu Tanaka Release Date: November 10, 2020 Publisher: Libre This is one of the best single volume reads for 2020.  I am glad I picked up this title, and from now on I will automatically buy her works physically when a new one comes out.  It … Continue reading