Ao to Gent

Title: 青とジェント (The Youth and the Gentleman) Author: Akihira Shiro Release Date: August 3, 2020 Publisher: Taiyou Tosho (H&C Comics CRAFT series) I’ve always loved this manga-ka’s works and this one is no different.  It’s a very cute story and like usual it has a nice tempo to the flow … Continue reading

Nakanai Hibari

Title: なかないひばり (Hibari Doesn’t Cry) Author: Minazuki Akira Release Date: July 15, 2020 Publisher: Taiyou Tosho (H&C comics ihr Hertz series) The story is about a photographer Kiyosumi who lives with his late friend’s younger brother Hibari.  Kiyosumi took him in because he felt responsible for the death of Misago, … Continue reading

Tonari no Metaller-san

Title: となりのメタラーさん (The Metalhead Next Door) Author: Mamita Release Date: May 10, 2020 Publisher: Tokuma Shoten (Chara Comics) The story is about Kento, a Master’s student who moves into a really cheap apartment but because it has no heating he nearly freezes to death during a snowstorm.  He is rescued … Continue reading

Yuuzutsu wa Ai ni Tokeru

Title: ゆうづつは藍にとける (Venus Melts in to Indigo) Author: Aoi Aki Release Date: September 1, 2020 Publisher: Taiyo Tosho (H&C Comics ihr Hertz Series) If you are looking to read a slow paced but gentle BL manga, this is the one.  It reads like a piece of literature and the art … Continue reading

Books to Buy in 2021: Jan & Feb edition

This is the list of newly released manga and novels I plan to buy in January and February.  Only physical books are included. January From ComiComi Studio: 1/26 バンブーコミックス Qpaコレクション ミックス 吉田ゆうこ 792円 Mix by Yoshida Yuko (BL manga) 1/09 ビーボーイコミックスデラックス 人でない狼 2 元ハルヒラ 725円 Hito de nai Ookami by … Continue reading

Daisy Jealousy

Title: Daisy Jealousy Author: Ogerestu Tanaka Release Date: November 10, 2020 Publisher: Libre This is one of the best single volume reads for 2020.  I am glad I picked up this title, and from now on I will automatically buy her works physically when a new one comes out.  It … Continue reading

Books to Buy in December

Here are the books (non-digital) I plan to buy in December. 12/21 バーズコミックスルチルコレクション 日傘ちゃん2 テクノサマタ 756円 12/21 バーズコミックスルチルコレクション gift 下 薄紅めく空の、潤びる螺旋の、光る岸辺の、 一ノ瀬ゆま 756円 12/25 Cannaコミックス ひだまりが聴こえる-リミット-(2) 文乃ゆき 12/25 集英社 Bread & Butter 8 芦原妃名子 475円 12/28 あすかコミックスCL-DX SUPER LOVERS 第12巻 あべ美幸 648円 12/28 あすかコミックスCL-DX 八犬伝 ‐東方八犬異聞‐ 第18巻 あべ美幸 648円